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TRUSA TUBULARE 8-34 (1/2"-29 piese) 23000

TRUSA TUBULARE 8-34 (1/2"-29 piese) 23000 ― Utilaje si echipamente
492 LEI
Cod produs (SKU):  23000
Socket set for heavy duty mechanics. From 8 - 34mm, 29-piece set. With 1/2" square drive and 34mm socket (M 22 according to the new ISO standard). Includes deep sockets for protruding bolts. Plus 16 and 21mm spark plug sockets Tried and tested 100,000 times to an extremely high level of torque. See photo for full contents. Comes in sturdy, welded steel box, powder coated for durability. With strong moulded plastic insert for the secure placement of each item.
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