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Cod produs (SKU):  KAESER M 64

The world-renowned German compressed air systems provider, Kaeser Kompressoren, has set the new standard for portable compressors in the 5m class with its powerful new Mobilair 64 model. At long last, the search for a portable compressor that is able to deliver a reliable source of both quality compressed air and electrical power is over.

For construction site applications requiring a source of compressed air and electricity, nothing comes close to the convenience of a portable compressor equipped with an integrated power generator, provided that it is powerful enough. With a free-air delivery of 6.4 m/min at 7 bar and exceptional com-pressed air / electricity generation reserves, the brand new M 64 from Kaeser Kompressorens Mobilair range is, without doubt, set to dominate the 5m compressor class.
The M 64 features a specially designed large, low speed SIGMA profile airend which uses 15% less energy compared with conventional designs and ensures increased free-air delivery with quiet operation. The airend is directly driven by a water-cooled, two-litre, four cylinder Kubota turbo-diesel engine that produces 41.8 kW (57 hp). Direct drive eliminates the transmission losses associated with other systems, consequently providing more air for less fuel. The engines torque curve reaches its peak of approximately 163 Nm at around 1700 rpm and remains flat, which means that there is always more than enough drive capacity to provide power to the compressor airend and generator.The M 64 provides a dependable supply of quality compressed air, which is of course what really counts with a portable compressor. What makes it so dominant in its class is that, unlike other compressors, it actually provides a free-air delivery of 5 m/min even with the generator running. This not only applies to 8.5 kW generator versions, but to the optionally available 13 kW model also. To put it another way, the M 64 delivers 6.4 m/min when operat-ing purely in compressor mode, which is over 20% more than an average compressor in its class. Combined with downstream compressed air treat-ment, this high delivery volume capacity therefore ensures sufficient com-pressed air availability at all times. The M 64 is also available as a 10 bar(g) maximum working pressure version that provides a free air delivery of 5 m/min with simultaneous operation of the 8.5 kW generator.

However, the advantages of the M 64 are not just limited to the high quality core components already mentioned: Every unit is equipped with a large 105 litre capacity fuel tank, which enables uninterrupted operation during long work shifts and eliminates the need for continuous refuelling. Furthermore, innovative soundproofing ensures quiet operation and keeps noise levels below the 98 dB(A) limit that comes into effect on January 1st 2006.

With its durable chassis and corrosion-resistant powder-coated bodywork, the Mobilair 64 is designed to provide many years of reliable service and illustrates Kaesers continued commitment to producing application-specific, quality compressed air equipment.

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